Our Group

Our Group

The Skyward Group offers a range of services from strategic thinking to providing practical support.

We can provide consultancy and advisory services for both large and small businesses.

Through our association with the Kensington Trust Group and Brighton International Group, we provide corporate, administrative and insurance related support.

In addition, we offer property rental as well as document storage in a completely secure and confidential environment.

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JTC Kensington is the brand name of Kensington Trust Group, a part-owned associate of JTC. We provide personal, customised trust and fiduciary solutions as well as offering access to corporate and fund administration services through our trusted global network and alliances

As the needs arise, we also work closely with advisors to implement bespoke solutions for mutual clients, leaving you and your management team free to concentrate on what you do best, while we support you with the how, where and when

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A licensed underwriting manager and insurance manager with more than 10 years' experience, the Brighton tInternational Group provides insurance management services to insurance and insurance related entities. Brighton delivers cost-effective insurance administration services and works smoothly with other service providers including trust companies, bankers and auditors. It has a solid working relationship with the Skyward Group.

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When the flow of office documents reaches an optimum level in your office, there is one place that offers you safe and secure storage yet it is fast and easy to retrieve the documents when you need them.

In addition, Strand Business Centre offers a conducive environment for more office rooms coupled with office amenities.

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